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Many people with asphalt driveways, walkways, parking lots and roadways have been faced with problems arising from poor maintenance of the asphalt. These problems include cracks, potholes and a fading appearance that is not pleasing to the eye. If you have spotted any of these, it’s time for that asphalt repair. First, let us briefly explain in what circumstances asphalt repair would be needed and then look at what asphalt repair entails.

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The typical asphalt problems that would require asphalt repair. Cracks in the asphalt - If you have spotted cracks in your asphalt, then it is time to consider asphalt repair. Sometimes the cracks will look like they are the scales of an alligator. This look has led some people to refer to them to as alligator or spider web cracks. When an asphalt repair is not immediately carried out at this stage, it will result in the formation of potholes.


Potholes - Potholes are also a common problem associated with asphalt. Potholes appear when some pieces of the asphalt become loose and detach. Usually, it starts as a hole with a diameter of a few inches before becoming a hole with a diameter of several inches when neglected. You are therefore advised to carry out asphalt repair when a pothole is first spotted.

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When working on cracks - Repair cracks involves the use of a sealant to fill up the cracks. The sealant works by bonding itself to the sides of the crack. However, first the site needs to be prepared. Preparation would include opening the cracks where necessary and cleaning the areas before applying the sealant.


Cleaning is an essential process in asphalt repair as it ensures that the sealant will hold well. When working on potholes - The most efficient repair of potholes are asphalt patches. The asphalt is compacted in the pothole and then left to cure.


Well, it is often said that prevention is better than cure. If you spot a crack on your asphalt, you are advised to carry out asphalt repair immediately. Asphalt repair on the crack will provide you the following benefits:


Asphalt repair on the cracks will prevent water from entering through the crack. If water enters, it will weaken the asphalt and possible cause damage to the base even more, cracks to appear. Asphalt repair on the cracks will also help to prevent foreign material from getting in hence forestall damage that may happen when the temperature changes. The same points discussed above apply when it comes to potholes.

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You see, when asphalt repair is not done when a pothole is first sighted, it increases the chances of the pothole increasing in size. This can not only lead to damage, for instance when your car hits the pothole, it will also result to more expensive and time-consuming repairs.


Contact us today for all your asphalt repair needs. At McKearney Asphalt & Sealing, we promise to handle all your asphalt repair needs to your satisfaction. Whether it is our tried and tested methods or the quality of the materials we use, the quality of our work has never been in doubt. McKearney Asphalt & Sealing also has professional and well-trained staff who understand the importance of the satisfaction of our customers.


We pride ourselves in ensuring that we always perform to the highest standards that will guarantee the satisfaction of our customers. If you are looking for repairs for your asphalt driveway, walkaway, parking lot or roadway you know someone looking for a company that delivers that professional touch in repairs of asphalt, ask them to contact McKearney Asphalt & Sealing today. At McKearney Asphalt & Sealing we take pride in offering quality workmanship at a fair price!