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Line striping is an important procedure; it is what keeps everything in order. You know when you are driving down the road and see that you can cross over because the line is set that way. This is what line striping. Can you imagine what it would be like without line striping? You wouldn’t know which way to go or when you could pass. McKearney Asphalt & Sealing has amazing line striping contractors that specialize in line striping. The fact is that over time rain and snow wash away the line striping so we need to replace them so there is no confusion on what lane is where, or like in a tennis court how do you know the ball is out of bounds? You would never know without line striping. McKearney Asphalt & Sealing contractors can fix all this and more.

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Line striping is not something you probably think about every day and why would you? Line striping gets taken care of by professionals so you do not have to think about it; you just follow the path that is given to you. At McKearney Asphalt & Sealing we think about it every day it is important in many areas of the world. You wouldn’t know where to park without line striping; you wouldn’t know that a spot is handicapped or just no parking area. Firemen would not know where to set up to save a burning building without line. Without line striping this world would be out of order and confusing for a lot of people!

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At the airport you would be confused on which way to enter the airport and which way to leave; line striping fixes this. Line striping fixes all confusion of where to go and how to get out of many places.


If you are opening a new business you should consider line striping especially if the previous line striping is all worn down. Having fresh line striping makes your new business look neat and organized; it also keeps your customers happy.


They know where they can park and where people with disabilities can park. It keeps in good compliance with fire stations because they require that every new business must have a red line area for the fire trucks to park when there is an emergency.

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There is also the AD Act (Americans with Disability Act) to consider by making the designated handicap parking spot more visible it takes care of any confusion that will keep you clear of violating any laws.


Also by having these designated lines you reduce the risk of liabilities because your customers see the clear guidelines of where pedestrians can walk. You also give clear lines on where to park and who can park where or as in some parking lots how long you can park.


These lines may not seem like much or that important but think about a world without them. I shudder at the thought because this world would probably have nothing but confusion and unhappy people because there is no organization. Line striping keeps the world organized.