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McKearney Asphalt &Sealing Company the Best to Hire for Your Asphalt Driveway. After you have built a beautiful home, you will need to construct a driveway that will be appealing. In choosing the type of surface there are significant factors you should consider before committing your resources. One factor every homeowner considers when getting into any home improvement project is cost. The most cost effective driveway is an asphalt driveway, they have durability compared to other options and are quite appealing.

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Asphalt driveways have a life expectancy of over fifteen years; this will even go longer if the right maintenance is done regularly to the asphalt driveway. To have your asphalt driveway last longer it is advisable to have it seal coated regularly and ensure that all the cracks are filled. The oils in the asphalt driveway continues oxidizing, and if proper maintenance is ignored the, asphalt driveway will automatically begin breaking and cracking prematurely, this is expensive in the long run because it will have to be overhauled. When the asphalt driveway serves you for over twenty years and becomes so brittle, to the extent of crumbling, it is better to hire the right contractor to replace it instead of repairing it. Replacing it will give you more pleasing asphalt driveway, and the cost of installing a new one will be relatively lower compared to the cost of repairing it now and then.

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At McKearney Asphalt & Sealing we offer the best rates if you are looking for a contractor to install new asphalt driveway or to maintain an already existing one. Our company has been in business since 1982 and is family owned been and operated.


We take pride in providing custom made asphalt driveways to our clients. Constructing a new asphalt driveway or parking lot is big business and for a long time this is what we have been doing giving us unparalleled experience making us the best company to hire


Our company culture is wholly built around providing our clients the most efficient and cost friendly services. We have essential and extensive knowledge in road practices since our company establishment and this has created a reputation for quality and trust among our customers.


At McKearney Asphalt & Sealing we accept clients of all kinds and have offered our services to businesses, government institutions, hospitals, homes, schools, and universities.

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We are very excellent in some services, and our workers are very committed to their work. The services include;


1. Construction and maintenance of tennis courts


2. Construction and maintenance of athletic tracks and repair


3. Construction and maintenance of basketball courts and repair


4. Removal of snow At McKearney Asphalt & Sealing we use the highest quality materials ensuring our clients’ asphalt driveways last long and look good always.


Our customers have given us referrals and are very satisfied with our unbeatable prices. We have constructed asphalt driveways for many homes in Michigan, and we are always looking for ways to improve our services to be more beneficial to our esteemed customers.