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McKearney Asphalt & Sealing has constructed and repaired numerous tennis courts throughout Michigan. We offer customizable tennis courts that stand the test of time. When building a new tennis court, we offer a complete solution including: your choice of acrylic color coating, setting posts and putting up nets. We are a full-service company when it comes to installation of new tennis courts, this separates us from many of our competitors. We can handle the project of building a new tennis court from start to finish. This means we could handle the site work of stripping the grass and topsoil to installing sand and aggregate subbase to installation of bituminous asphalt surface.

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The McKearney family has been installing and maintaining tennis courts since the 1970s; we have both the equipment and the industry knowledge to build your tennis court the right way. We have paved numerous tennis courts throughout Michigan for all types of customers. We have installed personal tennis courts for individuals as well as multiple tennis courts for cities and municipalities and school districts as well as for apartments and HOAs. The newest craze in the industry is pickleball courts, we have striped lines for pickleball on existing tennis courts, as well as building new pickleball courts both standing alone as well as incorporated with other tennis courts or basketball courts.

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Michigan Tennis Court Maintenance and Repair

We offer many services to keep your tennis court looking new and extend the life of your investment. Low areas on a tennis court consists of any area where water accumulates deeper than 1/16". These areas will delay you from using your tennis court after rain. We can prevent standing water from accumulating on your tennis court by patching the areas low lying areas.


There are many elements that can cause discoloration on your tennis court if not taken care of. Leaves, grass, tree sap, mildew and bird droppings can result in staining and peeling paint if it is not power washed. Power washing will ensure your paint job look its best and prolongs the longevity of the paint.


For tennis courts in need of extensive repairs, we offer complete overlays with 1.5” – 2” of new asphalt over your existing tennis court, this would give you the appearance of a brand-new tennis court for a fraction of the cost of removing and replacing the entire asphalt tennis court. If your tennis court was resurfaced with new asphalt we would first take down the fence or sections of existing fence to gain access to the tennis court.


Then some prep work would take place, typical prep would include cleaning the tennis court by blowing or sweeping off any foreign debris, the next step would be to apply an SS1H asphalt bond coat to the existing asphalt so that the new layer of asphalt could adhere to the existing layer of asphalt. After the bond coat was applied a petro-mat mesh product would be cut to size and placed over the cracks to slow down the process of reflective cracking thru the new layer of asphalt.

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Once the asphalt layer is applied to the tennis court we would come back and adjust the net posts as needed to the proper height or remove them and install new net posts depending on the situation. Once the asphalt on your tennis court has cured for 14 days latex paint can be applied to the new asphalt surface. A new asphalt surface requires one coat of acrylic resurfacer, followed by two coats of fortified acrylic colorcoat. The final step is layout the lines for the tennis court, all tennis courts are striped using 100% acrylic paint to the USTA standards.


Tennis Court Crack Repair

Moisture getting into the subbase can cause your tennis court to crack prematurely. We offer a variety of techniques to repair tennis court cracks depending on the type. If the cracks are repaired early, we use Guardian Crack Repair. Guardian Crack Repair is an inexpensive solution for fixing minor blemishes. We use Titantrax Shield as an option for resurfacing tennis courts. Titantrax Shield is a membrane system applied over asphalt tennis courts to protect them from rain, snow and sleet. Depending on the condition of your tennis court we will analyze which option is better. Both options will extend the life of your tennis court and have it looking like new again.


Tennis Court Material

At McKearney Asphalt, we pride ourselves on producing high quality tennis courts by using the best materials. Learn more about the materials we use, DynaFlex. We offer quality workmanship at a fair price!


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