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Asphalt Repairs

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At McKearney Asphalt & Sealing, we specialize in comprehensive asphalt repairs designed to extend the life of your pavement and ensure maximum usability and safety. Our services include crack sealing, pothole repair, and general asphalt maintenance, tailored to both commercial and residential needs. To get started, please call our asphalt repair contractor in Lansing, MI.

In the meantime, here’s what you need to know about our asphalt repair services.

Lansing MI Asphalt Repair Contractor

Crack Sealing

Asphalt surfaces are susceptible to cracks due to weather changes, heavy traffic, and time. Our asphalt crack sealing service is an essential preventive measure to stop water from penetrating and weakening the base or sub-base of the asphalt.

By using high-quality sealants, we effectively seal asphalt cracks, preventing further degradation and extending the pavement’s lifespan. This proactive service saves you significant money in the long run by avoiding more extensive and expensive repairs.

Pothole Repair

Potholes pose not only a safety risk but also damage vehicles and degrade the appearance of your property. Our pothole repair services involve removing the affected area, cleaning it, and filling it with a new asphalt mix that is then compacted to ensure a smooth, durable surface.

Our quick response team ensures that asphalt pothole repairs are conducted promptly and efficiently, minimizing inconvenience to your daily operations or routines.

Why Asphalt Repairs are Important

Regular asphalt maintenance, including pavement crack sealing and pothole repairs, is crucial for several reasons:


Well-maintained asphalt reduces the risk of accidents for both vehicles and pedestrians.


Early and regular asphalt pavement repairs prevent minor issues from becoming major expenditures.


A well-maintained asphalt surface enhances the overall look of your property, making a positive impression on visitors or customers.


Regular asphalt maintenance extends the life of your pavement, ensuring that it remains functional and attractive for years.

Request a Quote for Asphalt Repairs

Ready to take the next step? Call McKearney Asphalt & Sealing today! We’re proud to serve as your trusted asphalt repair company in Lansing, MI. What’s more, we’ve been in business for over 40 years. To request an estimate for our asphalt repair services, please call (517) 484-3188. You may also request a quote online and a member of our team will reach out to you soon to discuss the details of your upcoming project.

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